Player babsou87 posted a message on 21/01 21:40 on the MadWin Forum: ????????????????. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

Discover Sideway Colors
Sideway Colors
The Goowiz are back for an adventure of reflex and speed in this game where you have to test your best reflexes!
Scratch Ticket Juke Box
Number of remaining tickets :3518 / 12000
GBP 90 to be won
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Battle Booty Game
GBP 4,50 to be won
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Bootee Game Lot Cover - Jackpot
A foldable electric kettle to be won
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Bootee Game Pharaoh
An Xbox One X Limited Edition - Gears 5 ultimate to be won

Subject :????????????????
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21/01/2006 21:40:25

I sent several messages, none of them were put, weird.

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23/01/2006 10:40:21

you send the same messages every 15 days to reproach us for not changing the challenges ... the message being passed, and answer given to you previously, I do not see the interest to continue to publish these messages .. of course if the answer changes but in this case I will precede your question, because believe that your suggestion has not been forgotten! 😉

Unfortunately, it takes time ...

Good games!

The Web'

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25/01/2006 03:41:56

ah there were answers? ben I have not seen them sorry

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