Player marek1 posted a message on 19/02 22:43 on the MadWin Forum: Country: Other. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

Scratch Ticket Mojito
Number of remaining tickets :3308 / 3500
Win GBP 1 800
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Fiesta Pinata
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Drago Scratch Ticket
Number of remaining tickets :2436 / 3500
Win GBP 875
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Zangria Hour
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Scratch Ticket Nirvana
Number of remaining tickets :1500 / 1500
Win GBP 1 300
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Subject :  Country: Other
20/02/2006 21:46:17

Hello Marek, I advise you to inform the service "Customer" who I think will solve your problem or at least explain what to do.
Good luck to you and good games on Madwin 😉 🌹

19/02/2006 22:43:14

I have the enought point for the gift but in my country account information: other.
How to put the correct information for which is nessesary send a gift (country name)?
It is impossible in "your modifier's account".

Sorry about my French. :-)


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