Player decembre5 posted a message on 12/09 00:17 on the MadWin Forum: euro checks. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :  euro checks
12/09/2014 00:17:21

will be fine if we could exchange them for points I am in quebec no deram card result check not send to what it is worth to win a cherque

17/12/2020 11:47:18

hello what is cardream?

20/03/2019 10:29:50

Hello mustard,

I invite you to contact customer service for the modification of your details. Indeed, for security reasons some information can not be modified by you but only by the customer service.

In general, they are there to answer all the questions you ask yourself on the site / games :)

To contact them, go to the "My Account" section.

Good day to you.

The Web''

19/03/2019 17:48:25

bjr me I can not see how many points I have earned it is not long that I am registered. and also I can not put my name and other information on my marital status thank you if people could inform me.

03/08/2015 17:33:00

Answer for those who may be asking questions about check in euros.
If you stay outside the region in euros, there can be conversion and payment by paypal. But contact customer service if it happens to you. To answer our other friend who is wondering if it's easy to win a check. It depends on what game you play and / or in the gift section.

03/10/2014 19:27:38

I'm just starting but I think it must be huge to win a check

17/09/2014 00:13:15

I also gange checks I ask if we can exchange them for points and it is no I do not have a carddream

12/09/2014 14:24:46

Hello, it is necessary to contact the Customer Service to receive your gain in a form other than the check. Good games!

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